Giant Tennis Ball/Dog Play Toy

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Our durable, high-quality Tennis ball for puppies will not wear down your dog's teeth. It's made with a special non-abrasive felt, compared to the abrasive material on normal tennis balls. Enjoy a fun game of fetch with this Tennis ball that way both you and your dog can enjoy a clean finished look. This bouncy standard sized yellow tennis balls are thicker than normal tennis balls and made with all natural components for your dog's safety. They fit all dog ball launchers to really keep your dog healthy, designed to be thrown for your dog for a game of fetch. Not designed to be a chew toy should be used under supervision and discarded if they become damaged. Excellent present for your dog for his birthday or for the owners birthday or Christmas.

  • Tennis balls are the quintessential modern dog toy
  • Tennis balls can be a fun part of your daily routine
  • Super fun and perfect for pets.



Packaging: Single Package
Category: Training Ball
Diameter (mm): 24 cm Diameter
Weight (g): 10g
Rebounce: other
Model Number: Tennis Ball
Brand Name: VKTECH
Material: Plastic and Stainless Steel
Accuracy: 10g