Head Anti-Slip Tennis Grip

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When you have finally found the time to hit the tennis court with your favourite partner, the last thing you want interfering with your game is a bad grip. It can be hard to make the decision to get a new racquet. Tennis players bond with our favourite racquets and the thought of tossing them because of a bad grip just seems wasteful. These Head Anti-Slip Tennis Overgrip tapes have the amazing ability to bring new life to an old racquet. The tapes can add a new grip to a racquet under different weather conditions. Replacement grips can take over for beat up grips that have seen better days. These two options are much cheaper than buying a whole new racquet and often have better results when customizing how your racquet performs.

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Model Number: tennis overgrip
Accessory Type: Overgrip
Name: Head grip
Color: As the picture
Material: PU
Thickness: 0.75 mm
Length: Approx 110 cm
Width: Approx 2.5 cm
Package: 10 pieces / set ( without box )
overgrip tennis: overgrip tennis racket grip
tennis grip: tennis grips overgrips
tennis grip racket: raquetas de tenis profesionales
Usage: Tennis, Badminton, Table tennis, Fishing and so on
DP0062 / DP0063: DQP-005-118 / DQP-005-119