Head Professional Tennis Racket

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The moment you swing it, you can feel the power it transfers right off its string bed and into the ball. Even if you partially hit the ball, it will go through and land on the other side in a perfect stance. Because the racket helps generate more power, as a beginner, you will get very easy maneuverability. Also, its large head size provides you with a large sweet spot. So, even if you don’t get to hit the ball at the center, you will still get a powerful shot.

Lightweight and comfortable.
Easy to maneuver.
Plenty of power.

Applicable People: Men
Grip Material: Carbon Aluminum Alloy
Net Material: Nylon
Weight (g): 280-300g (Female)
Length (cm): 68.5
Racket Face Classification: OS Racket Surface (Big Surface/Beginner)
Racket Length Category: Regular Grade
Balance Point: Heavy Tip (Baseline/Technical Type)
Shape: Oval (Central Sweet Point)
Hardness: Hard (Small Action/Force Player)
Grip Size: 4 1/4-4 3/8 (2#/Female)
Thickness: Common Rim (21-28mm)
Face Size: 102 Square inchs
Model Number: DP0415
Brand Name: HEAD
Thickness: Common Rim (21-28 mm)
Applicable group: Men and Women
Package includes: 1 x tennis racket